Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We found a huge sandbox at the mini-zoo.
Every time Ty visits me at work, he runs into my classroom to give me a hug and then runs off to the pre-school area to play with their sandbox.

Hero wasn't quite sure what to do with the sand. We often call out, "eee, dirty!" when she touches things like the bottoms of shoes, the dog bowl or picks things up off of the floor. I think she was waiting for me to shout in these pictures.

She got into it after a while.

Ty was an old hand at it.

I like it when my kids get to experience new things. For years I've been begging my hubby to let me build a sandbox for Ty. His answer always is, "And what will we do with all the cat poop we collect?"

He's right.

Unfortunately because of the huge population of ferral cats in Manila, a sandbox is just an open invitation to COME, POOP HERE!

Not a good place for kids to play.

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