Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Santa,

Ty wrote his first letter to Santa the other day. He and I sat down, picked out the paper and color of marker. I gave him a sheet of paper to draw what he wanted. I'd post the picture, but it he used a yellow crayon on white paper.

Ty's List:
- A yellow remote controlled race car
-Boco the Train (From Thomas and Friends)

I was impressed that he had such a short list, when I was his age, mine looked more like a shopping list.

Things I want for Ty:
-Tickets to the Little Big Show featuring Barney, Thomas, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, Pingu and Fireman Sam (we got these yesterday!)
-New clothes. This kid outgrows pants like it's nobody's business.
-Soccer lessons at the nearby park
-Thomas and the Carnival set (It usually costs 4k but we got one second hand at only 1k)

Hero's list:
-Not really sure.
She likes getting involved in whatever game t is playing, and that sometimes upsets Ty. But they get on well for the most part. We remind Ty to share and he usually finds something for Hero to play with. She does enjoy playing with any musical instruments. I guess I’ll look for that.

My list for her would include:
  • A cooking set
  • A dollhouse (I convinced my sister to get her this, yay!)
  • A soft doll (I gave her one that I found at a bazaar recently. It fits my requirements perfectly—It does not pee, poop, blink, drink, move, cry or make scary crying sounds. AND it is not blonde.)
  • A doll stroller (So maybe she can learn to love the doll, since she won't give it the time of day)

Last year, I gave Hero a little toy to hold (she was only 6 months at the time) and helped her give the gift to Ty. I really want them to think of each other when doing things. This year, Ty’s started to get into Chuggington and we found some die cast toys in Market Market. I bought one and labeled it from Hero. I’m going to take Ty to shop for a present for her later today.
As for me, I'd love to get any of these things (hint hint, hubby!)
  • A small point and shoot camera that takes video too
  • A trip to the spa or parlor
  • Some pretty bracelets or necklaces, I've fallen out of the accessory habit since they'd always get in the way when nursing.
  •  Craft materials (good needles, crochet lessons, more thread and TIME to craft!)
  • Patience. Oh Santa, lots of patience please.