Friday, September 17, 2010

candy at noon

My son was eating one of these orange candy slices for the first time today. He rushed into the room to show me what Ama (Grandmother) had given him.

"Mommy, look! I have a (drops voice to a whisper) candy!"

I don't allow him a lot of sugar.

"It's orange and yummy and... has little yummy sands on it. Can I eat it?"

Seeing as it was 10 minutes to noon and he hand't had his lunch yet.... I said yes. He rushed off taking little nibbles and licks.

I overhear Ama asking him in the other room: "Did mommy say you could eat it?"
"Yes, Ama."
"Ok, what do you say to Ama?" (She must have been fishing for a thank you.)

"Good job Ama, you make good candy!"

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