Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Date Nights

Hubby and I have been trying to do a weekly date night. Not easy when you've got busy schedules and two little kids. After about a year without "us" time, we realized that we lost each other somewhere along the way.

We usually go out on Saturdays, so we leave the kids with his parents and head out for what we call our "adventures." We pick a direction to drive and find a restaurant we've never been to before. There have been some misses along the way, but my favorite one was our first adventre date on opening night of this year's World Cup.

Korean food has always been a favorite, ever since we lived with a large Krean community up in Subic. So we were set on heading to the Korean area in BF. We passed on a few restaurants based on their looks. Our criteria included: number of cars outside (other people wanted to eat there too), it NOT looking like a girly bar (after all, we didn't know what the signs meant), and if it looked like there were Koreans there (they're the best judges, right?).

We finally settled on a restaurant and entered, there were several empty tables. Perfect! Amazing smells enveloped us. Sizzling plates of pork, the sharp scent of kimchi, metal bowls of hot, steamy rice. We'd found the right place.

Only, they didn't have room for us. At 5:45 in the late afternoon, they were fully booked. Every table had a reserved sign, and save for one table of rowdy (drunk) men, the place was empty. We begged for them to seat us, since the signs had 7:30 or even 8:00pm reservations. They finally gave us a table in a large private room in the back. The waitress told us, "You sure you want to sit here? You won't be able to watch the game!"

And that's when we realized that Korea was playing the opening game of the World Cup! We'd totally forgotten, thrilled to have grown-up time together.

We had our (very) private dinner in the back room of Bi Won Korean restaurant. We talked and laughed like we werestill just dating. It was a blast.

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