Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ty was scheduled for a shot and I packed a prize bag for him. I was worried he'd kick and scream like some other kids, traumatizing himself and (I admit it) scaring me. I told him ahead of time that we were headed to Dr. Pia's. He likes her, she's great with kids. He asked if he was sick, and I told him, "No, but you will be getting a shot today."


"Then we go to the toy store after?"

I told him that we cold, but only if he didn't fight nurse Steph when she gave him the shot. He nodded.

As our turn came near,  I knew he was anxious. So I distracted him with the prize bag. In it was a Hotwheels car, a pack of Thomas bandages, a few gummy bear vitamins (he doesn't know they're good for him) and a little coloring book.

As you can tell, he picked the bandage.

He was so brave! He asked to hug me, and I told him to squeeze me if it hurt.

He barely had time to squeeze, it was over so quickly. :)

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