Thursday, August 19, 2010

work... or is it?

Perhaps it isn't proper to say that I'm writing this while at work. I sit here, watching over my three 2nd grade students as they create booklets about their religions and I can't help but love my job.

I teach a class called World Religions to 1st to 5th grade students. An amazing class that I wish I could have taken when I was in grade school. Everyday, I'm astounded by what we discuss. Can you imagine going through the intricacies of the 5 Pillars of Islam with a 6 year old? Or debatingthe importance of separation of church and state with a 5th grader? I do that everyday.

Yesterday, my 1st graders and I tried to make our own butter after we read the story of when Krishna, as a child, stole the butter that his mother had made. Hilarious! The kids were jumping around, shaking their little bottles of cream while I played music on my laptop. They loved having sweet buttery toast as I read them another story.

We read Noah's Ark too. My Hindu students really enjoyed it. One of them evenlikened it to God "flushing the toilet on the bad people who were not on the boat." Love it.

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